Conducting a BS7858 screen is essential in several industries, particularly those where employees require access to sensitive information, assets, or premises. 

What is BS7858:2019

BS 7858 is a British Standard that specifies the requirements for conducting security screening of individuals for employment in positions of trust and security. It is used primarily in the United Kingdom for vetting individuals who will be working in roles where they may have access to sensitive information, valuable assets, or be in a position of trust.

BS7858 is a comprehensive and robust screening process that helps ensure the suitability, integrity, and reliability of individuals employed in roles involving access to sensitive information or areas.

British Standard requirements for individual services dictate the screening requirements

Roles that requires 5 year Screening

Security Guarding
Alarm Installation
Alarm Receiving Centre
Keyholding and Response

Roles that requires 10 year Screening

Cash and Valuables in Transit

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Component parts of a BS7858

These components collectively aim to ensure that individuals employed in security-sensitive roles are thoroughly vetted to protect against potential risks to security. 

Right to Work Verification

The standard requires verifying the candidate's eligibility to work in the United Kingdom, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and immigration laws.

Criminal Record Check

BS7858 requires a thorough criminal record check to identify any previous convictions, pending charges, or cautions that may impact the candidate's suitability for the role. This check helps assess the candidate's integrity and reliability.

Financial Probity

BS7858 may involve conducting credit checks to assess the candidate's financial stability and responsibility. This check is particularly important for roles involving financial management or access to sensitive financial information.

Employment History

The standard mandates comprehensive checks on the candidate's employment history. This includes verifying previous employers, job titles, and periods of employment. It aims to validate work experience and uncover any discrepancies.

Reference Checks

The standard necessitates contacting the candidate's previous employers or professional references to gather insights into their work ethic, performance, and character. This step helps assess the candidate's suitability for the security role.

Identity Verification

BS7858 requires the verification of the candidate's identity using reliable and verified sources, ensuring that the provided personal information matches official documents.

Why BS7858 and what it brings to your organisation?

Regulatory Compliance

Many industries have legal and regulatory requirements for background checks, particularly in sectors such as security, finance, and government. BS7858 screens ensure compliance with these requirements, helping organizations avoid legal consequences and demonstrating their commitment to security and integrity.

Client and Stakeholder Confidence

Employing individuals who have undergone BS7858 screening instils confidence in clients, stakeholders, and partners. It demonstrates a commitment to security, privacy, and professionalism, fostering trust and strengthening relationships with key stakeholders.

Protection of Reputation

Implementing BS7858 screens helps safeguard an organization’s reputation by ensuring that individuals with appropriate qualifications, character, and integrity are employed. It demonstrates a commitment to due diligence and mitigates the risk of reputational damage caused by employing unsuitable or unqualified individuals.

Compliance with Best Practices

BS7858 is a recognized standard for screening individuals in security-sensitive roles. Adhering to this standard allows organizations to align with industry best practices and ensure consistent screening processes across the sector.

Risk Management

BS7858 screens assist in effective risk management by identifying potential threats or vulnerabilities. By conducting thorough background checks, organizations can minimize the risk of internal incidents, such as fraud, theft, or misconduct, which can have significant financial and operational consequences.

Security and Risk Mitigation

BS7858 screens help mitigate security risks by thoroughly vetting individuals who may have access to sensitive information or areas. It helps identify potential risks such as criminal activities, fraudulent behaviour, or other concerns that could compromise security.