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Screening Services for the Medical and Healthcare professions

Medical and Healthcare

The unique nature of the Medical and Healthcare sector and the critical role healthcare providers play in the care and protection of patients by its nature demands that they adhere to the highest standards this can only be assured by having detailed information in relation to their backgrounds and professional qualifications.

It has never been more important to ensure that those working with vulnerable people are subject to comprehensive background checks to ensure the safety of those under their care. NSA Medical and Healthcare offers a comprehensive background screening service to effectively mitigate the risks involved. We collaborate with permanent, temporary and agency staff to provide reliable and fully compliant background screening services that meet or exceed NHS employment Check Standards and Care Home Check Standards, NSA Medical and Healthcare services safeguard your organisation’s reputation and ensures compliance with the appropriate guidelines.

Why Background Screening is Important in these Professions

Why is accurate and thorough screening important?

Patient Safety

Healthcare providers have a high duty of care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those under their care. Background screening can identify evidence of past criminal activity, substance abuse and other behaviour that may pose a risk to patient safety.

The Protection of Vulnerable Persons

It is vital in today’s climate to ensure that those healthcare providers who work with the most vulnerable in society, children and young people, the elderly and individuals with disabilities, maintain the highest standards of care. Background screening can identify any history of abuse or neglect., to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those in their care.

Trust and Confidence

Patients place their trust in healthcare professionals to provide high quality care. Background screening builds trust and confidence by verifying credentials and qualifications and the professional history of healthcare employees to help assure patients they are in safe and capable hands.

Ethical and Professional Conduct

Healthcare professionals must adhere to and uphold the highest ethical and professional conduct. Thorough and detailed background screening can identify any prior instances of professional misconduct, disciplinary actions or claims arising from malpractice, to ensure and maintain the integrity of each healthcare workforce.

Regulatory Compliance

Every branch of the healthcare sector is subject to regulatory standards and requirements, Background screening allows organisations to show compliance and meet the requirements related to licensing, accreditation and employment eligibility.


Healthcare organisations are responsible for the actions of their employees other than in exceptional circumstances. Stringent background screening serves to demonstrate a high level of due diligence to help mitigate any risks associated with negligence in the hiring process or retention of staff who do not meet the necessary standards of professional integrity.

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