Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

It is the policy of the company to continually improve levels of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty by:

Providing Security Screening services, which fully meet the initial and continuing needs and expectations of all our customers

Fully complying with Industry Codes of Practice NCP 111 and British Standard BS 7858
The purpose of this is to enhance service, maintain existing business and enable the Company to take advantage of new opportunities, in activities relating to providing Security Screening services, which fully meet the initial and continuing needs and expectations of all our customers.

The Quality System is supported and endorsed by not only the Senior Management, but Directors within the company and is a reflection of our desire to provide our customers with the highest standards possible in customer care and is closely monitored both internally and by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).

Management Commitment

The Company is committed to implement and maintain, a documented Quality System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and NCP111. This operating system is designed to embrace all company functions, thus ensuring the efficiency of the business and the consistent delivery of a quality product/service for all customers. To this effect, this Quality Policy has been established and communicated at all levels within the organisation. Furthermore, Quality Objectives are defined within each Documented Procedure and Business Process.

Legal Requirements

The company will exhibit only the highest standards in maintaining a policy of honesty and correctness at all times towards both customers and Partners. The company Management Representative, in conjunction with the Senior Management team, has responsibility for ensuring that all legal requirements applicable to the business activities and relevant industry ‘codes of practice’ are identified, understood and adhered to. This includes the necessity to ensure that all personnel are fully security screened to the requirements of BS 7858.

Customer Focus & Communication

All enquiries for security screening service, together with quotations, tenders, and relevant authorisation, will be subject to formal controls. Procedures are established to ensure that the customer’s needs and requirements are determined and adequately met with the objective of achieving customer satisfaction at all times both from the initial enquiry through to the life of the contract through the use of the Progress Summary Reports.

Mark Ker-Lindsay
Managing Director
January 2024